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October 21, 2014
likes to play the hammer game
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- Roommate Haikus -

March 11, 2005

My roommate joe is always writing haikus for some reason. He asked me to write some about our old roommate Jeff so I did. Then I wrote some about all the other goons I live with. No one is immune!

Jeff Poole
any port in storm
dropping a lot of anchor
on the internet

cryptic reference
let me tell you about it!
dennis miller time

on top of the shelf
so many waffle irons
where are the waffles?

playing duke nukem
head pokes out of the bathtub
who gets korvus point?

always on the ground
the iron yuppie no more
salt lake city punk
Andrew Bacha
on campus all day
will the flannel ever die?
what about audi?

racket switches hands
for tennis? who plays tennis?
i play racketball

meat expiring soon
extra savings must follow
taste to price ratio!

nachos in the trash
now they are in my belly
all they need is love

bones snap like the twig
the teeth are wise to the kick
learn to ride a bike
Joe Gleason
frozen blocks of ice
line the freezer and patio
ice station zebra

freezer burritos
the entire frescetta
what else would i eat?

stains flow on all shirts
then make their way to the pants
ink? paint? bleach? sauce? yes!

why go to classes?
6 years for enlightenment
D is for degree

dont bend my glasses!
don't leave things on the freezer!
dont call me rumpo!
Allen Kerr
six kinds of hot sauce
seven different mustards
makes for extreme snacks

bang on the ceiling
leaps down the stairs at full speed
three taps for west wing

piston has escaped
saturn is gone from the sky
way to check the oil

the funding flows in
but the work does not flow out
mash: eternal watch

does he have a perm?
head of enormous measure
eyes closed for dancing