alex barrie
October 23, 2014
master of the (aerospace) universe
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- about me -

My name is Alex. Some of you may recall that this used to be my art website. It still exists, minus correct stats, under the aptly titled art site link. For those unfamiliar with it, I did a bunch of 3D art a few years back and made a website for it. Due to a plethora of server migrations, none of the stats are relavent anymore. I may get back into the render scene one of these days. I had to make this movie for my design team presentation and it got me wanting to hit up the old Bryce again. It is also theoretically possible that some goon somewhere still links to my old ROM site, which was at one time here. It no longer exists in any form for any number of reasons.

Anyway, as I said before, as if it was not obvious from the domain name, my name is Alex. You can refresh this page to see a bunch of pictures of my face, or just go to the photo album. I live in the desert. I work out at the Air Force Research Lab / PRSS modeling plasmas for various thrusters and spacecraft and such. There are no trees and no animals. One time i saw some sort of lizard but it ran away.

The area I live in as described by wikipedia:

"Palmdale residents would object to older "Red-Neck Ignoramus" depictions of the city as desert rat lands, and other repeated stereotypes that just don't hold any merit or from a different time when Palmdale was smaller: rural shacks, trailer parks, beat-up trucks, illegal dumps, emptied downtown, lack of jobs or recreation for "out-of-wedlock" children, an isolated "racist" conservative culture, country music clubs/bars, massive evangelical churches, increasingly crime ridden, many meth labs set up shop, its inhabited by "poor whites", "rednecks", Ku Klux Klan and neo Nazi activity, far right influence made locals appear ignorant, street youth gangs used their city as a base, and poverty dominates the socio-economic landscape. Some of these myths and portrayals was on Thurston Clarke's 1995 self-travel novel, the California Fault on the life and culture of cities along the San Andreas Faultline."
It has come to my attention that this section of the article has been removed but I will keep it here for posterity.

I live with this guy Lubos from Slovakia. One time I was at the store with him and he was about to buy some cream cheese, but then said 'what do i need cream cheese for? i dont have any spaghetti!'. What a nut!